POLARIX is a performance team founded by CSA Talent Agency and Creative Production in July, 2016. The team is consist of four main members (Van Norith, Juvie Lin, GV Lux, and Thy). Before debut, each member were put through intense training program in which they are required to learn dance, music, arts, camera and many other skills for the period of 1.5 years. The name ‘POLARIX’ comes from the word Polaris ‘Guiding Star’ in which the team wishes to be a guide for those who work hard and lost in difficult times. Their ambition is to become one of the world’s well respected dance crew and be the first to set a new milestone for dance in Cambodia.
POLARIX is also the first dance crew to represent Cambodia in an international dance competition. They are currently the artist of TMS and the brand ambassador of Cellcard. They have successfully done many dance showcases and choreography for a lot of events and commercial.


POLARIX offers high quality performance and choreography for big events, dance showcase, TV, commercials and other professional works. The crew is a pioneer in Cambodia for the new category ‘Dance Video’. Their style varies from Hip hop to contemporary, to many more.
Up until now, POLARIX have worked with many great dancers from countries like Japan, USA, France, Australia, Korea, Singapore and Thailand. The crew have also participated in multiple international dance competitions. In Cambodia where dance is still not broad yet, the support that they are receiving from their audience is considered to be a very high achievement.


POLARIX have the ability to write, producer and perform their own original music. Since debut, they have released 10 singles and have already done a lot of collaborations with other fellow artists. The crew is currently working on more new songs.
The process of making video is very crucial for POLARIX. The crew believe that video is an art piece that portrays through visual in which it must be painted carefully and beautifully for the audience. They have already done numerous music videos for big artist in Cambodia as well as their own music videos.
All of POLARIX’s music videos and stage perfumesce were done by POLARIX and Partners.Their creative skills were enhanced through the training program by teachers from Japan for the period of 1.5 years.

2016 - Partnership to TMS/CBS Group
2016 - SEACON international Dance Competition in Thailand
2016 - Joined international Dance Competition in Pattaya Thailand
2017 - Brand Ambassador of Cellcard
2017 - Composed Music of Cellcard Official Song.
2017 - SEACON international Dance Competition in Thailand
2017 - Composed Music of TMS Official Promotion Song
2018 - Dance Team who joined TEDx by Dance performance

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